Debt Settlement is a far more attractive alternative for Bankruptcy. Especially when an individual has a smaller amount of debt, that would not warrant a full scale Bankruptcy, which will follow you for the next 10 years of your fiscal life.

We at SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT will negotiate with your creditors to allow you to become derogatory debt free for only a fraction of the amount that you owe. At SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT, we don’t believe in making the client do the work. We will negotiate the debt on your behalf, make payment arrangements, see that the payment is received, follow up and attain the proof of zero balance document, and even file said document with the 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, & Transunion) to ENSURE that this debt is behind you once and for all!

No other so called “Debt Settlement Firm” on the market today is going to do all of the negotiating work, AND all of the pesky paperwork that goes along with it for you. Most want YOU (the client) to figure out how to file these documents. We at SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT are steadfast on the belief that YOU are the client, and WE are the experts. Thus it is OUR job to see your case through on each and every level.

We at SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT can negotiate and settle on the following types of accounts:

-Charge Offs
-Extensive Credit Card Debt
-Private Student Loans (Non-Government)

In some cases, we at SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT can even negotiate for DELETION letters from the creditors. This means that when we are successful at this action, upon payment of the agreed upon amount by us and the creditor, we will attain a letter from the creditor, requesting that this specific account be DELETED entirely from your credit report. We attain such letters on approximately 20% of all accounts that we settle which maximizes your credit score results. Most other “Debt Settlers” are only concerned with settling your debt and collecting a fat commission for doing so. SHAMROCK DEBT SETTLEMENT is different because everything that we do is structured upon the growth and development of your credit prosperity.

We offer both “BULK” (one time lump sum), and “MONTHLY” (monthly for a specific amount, for a specific time period) payment options to make settling your debt an affordable reality for anyone.

For our “MONTHLY” clientele, we use a third party company (Global Client Solutions) to hold your funds in a “Designated Account” which will be drawn upon for the purposes of settling your debt. Be very weary of any company that doesn’t utilize an accredited third party company. This third party ensures that your money is protected and insured!

Each person’s Debt Settlement plan is designed individually to meet their specific needs and budget. Call today for your free consultation with one of our Debt Settlement experts at 805-581-5568, or email us at: